Saturday, August 4, 2007

Unfolding the truth.

Chinese Authorities might take every oppourtunity to make an impression to the world that everything is calm and okay in Chinese controlled Tibet and the Mainland China. Beijing 2008 Olympic is what Chinese authorities are going to improvise and mislead the world. For the Tibetans it is the most precious time and best opportunity to make the world known the reality of the Tibet issue.Violation of Human rights and degradation of freedom of religion is taking place despite Chinese propaganda. Though China has been successful in making a mark in the economic front the light of personal happiness is burning bleak in every Chinese heart.
Before the time runs out, let us all make a difference in our own capacities and prove the world that Tibet was an indepedent nation and this truth will never be erased. The fire of unveiling the truth is being sparked across the world and we should make every effort to show the Chinese that TIBET ISSUE will remain alive forever because there is no death of a nation.


Anonymous said...

Let us all get together for one cause and to free one nation hidden under the red flag.

Cybil said...

Great work.